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The experiment

Empires among the stars : The experiment

EAS the experiment is our first game and contains 5 level and much fun.
  • -free game EAS - Empires Among the Stars is online !!!! and free to play
    go directly to free game eas 'the experiment'
  • You are a prototype space fighter , and try to escape from the Corperation
  • Spacegame level 1 = tutorial
  • Start direct in level 2 and experiance this mega new free flash game on this web site free 4 ever.be
  • new : Level 5 is played on a planet in 3D effects and your fighter becomes a real bomber.
  • new : Auto fire is possible.
The explorers.

Empires among the stars : The explorers.

The Next free game of the EAS family is ' Empires among the stars, the explorers '.
This is a more advanced single player space game but still in development.
In Explorers you will again controle a space ship but the game will be less lineair and grant you controle over where you fly to .
We are also adding ship upgrades which should make the game more rewarding and fun to play. Development started jan 2009.
The initial target of this release was end 2009 but due to the size of the content we this has been changed to summer 2011.

    go directly to free game eas 'Explorers'

  • 11 july 2011 :
    After some minor tweeks we have put EAS explorers online but only with the two initial sections.
    The thrid section is now half done and planned to be finished and added to the game before end of july.
  • 10 june 2011 :
    Because of other activities the progress of EAS explorer has had a major setback.
    Currently i have just finished the 2e section (of 5) and we have decided to release the game with these two initial sections.
    So we will release the game a year later then initially intended with only half the content.
    But the content will be expanded with other 3 sections in the comming months.
  • 5 may 2010 :
    Currently most of the programming and graphics is already created for some time.
    We are currently doing level design and we have finished 1 of the 5 sections the game will have.
    So there is still al lot of work to be done.